Leipzig Connection has 58 ratings and 9 reviews. Camille said: Really interesting book about the merger of psychology and education. However, a caveat. W. Featured image from here. *Please also see this companion post about the original printing.. I don’t know exactly when Paolo Lionni. The Leipzig Connection. by Paolo Lionni Reviewed by Earle Fox. Lionni’s book ( paperback, 89 pp.) fills a gap in the history of the destruction of.

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At any rate they threw themselves into their tasks with industry and zest. The single most powerful educational force in the world is at th Street and Broadway in New York City. That same yearhe left Carnegie and joined the Board to direct the allocation of Rockefeller millions to the development of chemically oriented medicine in ilonni United States.

He went to graduate school at Harvard, studying under psychologist William James, a transitional figure whose later influence depended, to a substantial extent, on his subtle furthering of physiological psychology under the guise of Pragmatism. Its graduates make up about 20 percent of all our public school teachers. So, we have Larouche, spirit-hunting, and a new book that at least some of the time actually does pick up on keipzig correct pieces of the actually conspiring that has been going on for hundreds of years now.

Round Numbers gg “educational” psychology and socialism. So their efforts were connectio directed toward control, collusion, and betrayal amounting to high treason against the American people and against the Constitutional covenant between We, the People, and civil government. To the extent that they are permitted to fashion the curriculum and procedures of the school they will definitely and positively influence the social attitudes, ideals and behavior of the coming generation.

Thorndike’s premise here is that intel- ligence is permanently set before the student enters school. As Wundt put it: Owen’s career in this country is exemplary. Rockefeller being constantiy badgered, scrutinized, and hauled into court; why not set up a monopoly on philan- thropy, funnel into it large sums from the fortunes of Rockefeller and the other industrial barons, and distribute the money in a way guaranteed to ensure 1.


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Before things became more Scientology Gestapo-ish, I truly loved their system of education. Mice and Monkeys 41 In summary, a German experimental psychologist was convinced that men are animals who can be understood bv analyzing what they experience.

Ginn and Company, See, also, Schultz, Duane P.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The laboratory opened in January,as the Dewey School, later to become known as the Laboratory School of the University of Chicago.

Tim rated it it was ok Apr 15, That same year, after a decade in Chicago experimenting with children, John Dewey joined the faculty of Columbia University as a member of the departments of philosophy and education, in a unique position to influence advanced students in Teachers College.

Gates did the heavy thinking, and my part was to sell his ideas to father. With all stimuli theoretically the same for a group of children, the continued difference in individual learning rates and abilities would indicate something physiologically different between youngsters. Had they had the resources available to our educational leaders today, the concepts they put into motion would never have been outflanked by so ethically impoverished a combine as that revealed by our current account.

Even earlier conneection the key players of this pointed inquiry, the ultimate seed of the problem is Rousseau’s putting Man as subservient to Nature, which led to studies of humanity as reactive animals and experiments on rats the results of which were applied to people. The school is primarily a social institution.

The Leipzig connection : the systematic destruction of American education in SearchWorks catalog

I trembled as I witnessed the unreasoning popular resentment at Mr. Karl Marx injected Hegel’s theories with economics and sociology, developing a “philosophy” of “dialectical leiipzig.


After the Lincoln School had moved to its new building, Teachers College and the General Education Board had discussions about what was called ‘permanent financing. The number of colleges increased from in to nearly inwith college enrollment doubling over the same period, and continuing to expand into the early years of the new century.

In his role as father, he inclined toward the patriarchal, almost toward the papal; he reserved the right to speak with authority, to pronounce ex lelpzig on psychology and psychologists, and to draw a connectioh line of demarcation between authentic psychology and psychology polo which he did not approve. The term response is used for any reaction made by him, — a new thought, a feeling of interest, a bodily act, any mental or bodily condition resulting from the stimulus.

A New Domain 9 belongingness, and satisfying consequences. The child, much like the animal, is what he has experienced, tempered by the type and condition of his brain and nervous system.

Gates also had strong views about fund-raising. Thorndike also had specific views about education in the basics — the 3R’s: For the psychology of Leipzig was, in the eighties and nineties, the newest thing under the sun. Lippincott,p. Favoring Breezes Flexner’s proposals were hardly as radical as those being promoted by Dewey and the other Wundtians working in education, but Flex-ner’s booklet, presented to the public as a General Education Board paper with the polo weight of the Rockefeller millions behind it, produced an instantaneous and dramatic reaction across the nation.

The combination of Wundtian psychology, Rockefeller money, government control of education, and an intellectually, morally, and spiritually collapsing Christian community led quickly to an unchallenged secular, and very destructive, education system.