IMM B: Upfront Medical Report: Client Biodata and Summary (not available on our website as panel physicians will have these forms in. they will give you a copy of the IMM B Upfront Medical Report form. Fees. You must pay any fees related to the medical exam when you are there. Posts about IMM written by JESSICA YUAN. NOTE: With the implementation of the new IMM B, the Appendix C will no longer be.

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Inspect neck, axilla and groin for lymphadenopathy.

The performance of panel members is subject to regular evaluation and review. Regular contact will be maintained between panel members and RMOs regarding both medical and administrative issues. Instructions for border services officers.

In certain cases, CIC may approve a non-panel physician. In regions where eMedical is available, panel members and their clinic staff will be required to complete all IMEs and enter the results in the eMedical system, unless otherwise specified by the responsible RMO. These responsibilities include management of the panel members including panel physicians, panel radiologists and laboratories who perform immigration medical examinations IMEs in Canada and abroad.

Consent requests from CIC should be directed to:. Such requests are not related to the immigration medical program and panel physicians may respond to these inquiries as they choose.

Prior to the changes, all immigration medical examinations were completed using a paper-based system. Other issue not in this list. The panel radiologist may continue with the chest x-ray and the panel physician will report the concerns to CIC for follow up. The laws of other jurisdictions where the information is collected may also apply.


Under the PHLU mandate, panel physicians in Canada are not released from their responsibility to notify provincial and territorial public health authorities of conditions and diseases that must be reported under the legislation of the province or territory in which they practise. Panel members should also indicate in the drop-down list in eMedical other languages they speak. The form will include im, client identifiers: Paper-based Panel Clinics Panel radiologists must provide a radiology grade based on the reported findings.

Issuing instructions for medical examinations

The chest x-ray must contain the following information: The unique identifier is used to identify each IME. Information is outdated or wrong.

The Privacy Act may be viewed at http: Panel physicians should ensure that: IME Immigration medical examination: The IRPA and its accompanying regulations set out the medical requirements that clients must meet in order to come to Canada as temporary or permanent residents. It has a spelling mistake. Refugee claimants may be eligible to have some of their health costs covered under the IFHP. Moreover, Canadian citizens, permanent residents and other individuals present in Canada have the right of access to their own personal information held by government institutions.

Panel Members’ Handbook –

Contact DIAC via the panel physician web enquiry form. EDE clients are those who are exempted from assessment of excessive demand on the Canadian health care system. To avoid possible breaches of confidentiality, information requests should never identify a client by name. Total loss of the eMedical system unexpected outages Loss of core functions cases cannot be submitted; attachments cannot be uploaded.

Serum creatinine, regardless of age.

The procedure for completing the IME is discussed in Chapter 4 and is also subject to performance evaluation. Handbook This Handbook ikm the standard reference for the orientation and training of panel members. Differences between the paper process and the eMedical process have been pointed out throughout this document.


The eMedical logon ID must not be disclosed to any other person or used by any other person to submit IMEs or chest x-rays. Disclosure of personal information is governed by section 8 of the Privacy Act.

Health Branch officers will occasionally 101b7 panel members to ensure the quality of their work. Screen for skin cancer, leprosy, surgical scars, tattoos and piercings.

Issuing instructions for medical examinations –

Client photograph must be attached to ensure IME integrity for laboratory testing. These identifiers allow CIC to perform quality assessments of their work.

I am uploading required documents after getting my ITA but there is a place to upload medical exam, and says it is required I 1017h on the question mark next to upload button to see more info, I got this message Document: Screen for signs or symptoms including blood pressure and presence of end-organ damage.

All panel members are required to: The following are examples of situations where panel members or their clinic staff lmm be seen to be failing to meet performance standards:.

Under no circumstances should a panel member provide the media with information about a particular case. All documents must be valid not expired. Protected persons are responsible for paying for the costs of their IME. Learn how to get an upfront medical exam.