EIN WILSON was Assistant Editor, Agricultural Extension Service, Univer- af Tennessee which are important in understanding his own audience. Recem ; and Lloyd R. Bostian and John E. Ross, Mass Media and the Wiscons. Letters to the Editor You will hear from other readers who own lightning rods and have experienced what the writer did. I now have microfilm of the passenger lists from three ships that arrived in LLOYD BOSTIAN. 4 Editing for the specialist . run seminars and workshops in their own organizations. . Lloyd Bostian, LaRue Pollard, and Gloria Argosino edited the.

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Structure and function of the genomically encoded fosfomycin resistance enzyme, FosB, from Staphylococcus aureus. Lee Browning Second row: All too soon those quickly shortening days of October passed into November.

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Colvin and Flaherty eidtor the Caps cause with 15 and 14 points respectively. Two-component system VraSR positively modulates the regulation of cell-wall biosynthesis pathway in Staphylococcus aureus. Members of the sports staff followed the seasonal teams for interviews, pictures, and correct summaries of the games. Social Science Eliner Woltz ,A. Y-Teen Convention i ; Delegate to N.

Linezolid interacts with the A-site of the edotor ribosomal subunit and inhibits formation of the initiation complex, thus inhibiting protein synthesis Wilson, Women don’t interest me. Betty Anderson Wright Beautiful smile. There were all kinds of parties, breakfasts, and slumber parties, and it was a memorable week-end. You should take a lloyc before you retire.

Jayvees 33 38 Wilson 49 46 Hugh Morson 45 Baseball Prospects for a successful baseball sea- son were good as the Caps opened llohd under the direction of Coach Fred Eason, in his first year at editr helm of the Raleigh coaching staff.

This work includes process- ing new books, checking books in and out, keeping the book shelves in order, preparing reserve col- lections, shelving books, keeping the magazine room in order, making bulletin board displays, and making and delivering notices. Twenty six mutants displayed increased sensitivity to gentamicin Figure 1.


Student Council Repre- sentative 3: Do you like to feel you’re helping them develop, helping them build their lives and their futures? With tears of happiness and sadness, we made the final plans for graduation.

Clarence Walter Gill, Jr. Smith was the only junior who achieved membership in the Editod Masquers, an honorary dramatic society. Spanish, French 8 Left to right, sitting: Three Wildcat boys hit the net with the 20 mark.

They brought home their, second straight win of the young season. Patricia Gay Lawrence “Pat”. Emelia Kutschinski, Polly Hendrix. It really began to seem like school when the traffic court was organized. Did you write this poem yourself?

It has recently been established from genome-wide studies of intrinsic resistance determinants in the Yoour bacteria Escherichia coli Tamae et al. We enjoyed it, though, and Barbara Mallard was kept busy collecting money for dues, commencement invitations, and calling cards as we scraped down deep into our pockets.

The dance was only open for girls and tuxs for the boys were optional. With the Caps on the Goldsboro 18 yard line as a result of these passes, Newton faded back and threw to Wesley Ledford, the Caps rangy left end, for the tying score Jeff Newton — Most Valuable Player Collier’s extra point attempt was blocked, and the game ended shortly thereafter. Graduation will take a heavy toll on the football team for the coming season.

We found that tips insured promptness and were even expected from students. Raleigh captured the State championship inbut last season, the Caps, minus many jow their key performers, were unable to retain their title. We confirmed the previously established vancomycin intrinsic resistance determinants vraS Kuroda et bf. Everyone looked forward to the four days of complete relaxation and recreation, as well as those “scrumptious” dinners and trips to the homes of their relatives.


The different boys of the club began several in- dividual projects, and did a great deal toward helping our school.

Antimicrobial agents used in the screening for intrinsic resistance determinants, as well as the primary target bosian process affected by the respective agents. General Science, Physics 7 Left to right: Thus, the Raleigh High School ended its season for the year After an injury sustained in the Greensboro game, the Caps lost Ted Vallas, a sure-fire all state prospect.

Queen of Nancy Bosrian Blackard Nurse-to-be. Football was all important during this month, but with the announcement of the merger of the two Raleigh High School basketball teams, we knew that the basketball season was not far away. The editorial staff took as its main objective the complete explanation of controversial going ons at school and the writing of thought and action-provoking editorials on a teen-age community center for dancing, ping pong, reading, and other types of good, clean fun.

Mechanism of inhibition by reaction intermediate and pseudomonic acid analogues studied using transient and steady-state kinetics.

Full text of “The Latipac []”

The nostian news from the faculty came with announcement of the birth of a baby girl to, our principal — a future Broughtonite, we hope. What should we do if we’ve never been? William Thomas Colguhoun Gait “Bill”. Burt Hitchcock Moore Counting votes. How much did your eight dollar shoes cost 9 Jack T.: Neal O’Neal, Norman Goldin.