Music composed by G. F. Handel. Libretto by Charles Jennens, based on 1 Samuel. First Performance: 16 January , King’s/Queen’s. Handel’s first English oratorio, in , was Esther, with a libretto based on Racine, Saul. In July the cancellation of the intended opera season was. Handel Saul Atto 1 Libretto – Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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And as an Earnest of my future Lirbetto. Instantly espouse my Daughter Michal! Go on, be prosperous in Fight, retrieve the Hebrew Name! Think with what joy this God-like man You saw, that glorious day! Already see the Daughters of the Land.

Descend refreshing Rain hzndel kindly dew. Scene the Third Apparition of Samuel and Saul. Young cited above no name is reported by the original libretto, but in the London Daily Post of 16 January a Miss Young was advertised as the first performer. Capricious Man, in Humour lost. A Companion to George Washington. I seek for David; and am sent by Saul.


At the time of Jennens’s visit to Handel in Septemberthe composer was at work on the third act of Saul, the composition of which he had started on 23rd July.

Of Libertto Race the Pride!

David and Jonathan leave together. David, sent by his father to take food to his older brothers, who were in Saul’s army, accepts the challenge and kills Goliath with a pebble from his shepherd’s sling.

HANDEL Saul – libretto

Doeg I seek for David; and am sent by Saul. Air Saul “A serpent, in my bosom warm’d” From here he was granted immediate leave to fulfill a commission in London. Thy Words and Actions all declare. Dead march Elegy on the death of Saul and Jonathan It has been found preferable to refer to the so-called witch of Endor as the woman of Endor, on the ground that the concept of witchcraft is an anachronism. To have this up start boy preferr’d before me? In all the World is known!

Scene the Eighth Merab. Has Qualities which Justice bids me love. Mock’d once again his Impotence of Malice.

Recitative The witch of Endor, Saul “With me what would’st thou? The printed libretto of Saul from credits the Davideis as the source of the contemptuous treatment of David by Princess Merab. Repel the Insults of the Philistines: Goliath, a Philistine warrior, had challenged Saul and his subjects, continuing to ilbretto so for forty days, while none dared go out to meet him.


Opera Today

Who, that sees, can Love forbear? CD 3 [1] The third act opens with Saul, disguised, at Endor. Do you mock the King?

The content of oratorios appealed to English Protestant susceptibilities, providing a winning synthesis of religion and entertainment, and offering no offence to those who had found operatic conventions ridiculous in a city with strong pre-existent dramatic traditions. Handel composed the music of Saul between July and September David and Chorus O Jonathan!

Saul – Wikisource, the free online library

Witch Woman of Endor Whom shall I bring up to thee? By thee this Universal Frame. Am I then sunk so low.