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Check that the powder is not damp. Set Up Procedure 0. Ensure that the operator wears suitable respiratory equipment and or protective clothing.

The machining area has been developped to allow a large flow of chips, though the outside remains compact. Euroteec some instances it may be necessary to reduce the charge control for better results.

Mehaaniline armatuuri lõikur C6 28

The discharge potential kv required will depend largely on the object to be coated, although such parameters as environmental conditions may affect the C85D 3. The direction of airflow should always be from behind the operator. The workpiece shall have a resistance to earth of no greater than Mohm.

All conductive structures within the vicinity of the spray area shall be bonded together with the earth terminal of the gun control unit to the protective earth of the system.

It is recommended that airflow velocities over the face area of a booth opening should be in excess of 0.

D6 clean any excess powder from the venturi mounting bracket. Then operate the trigger of the gun and open the flow regulator on the left hand side of the gun handle until a hissing is heard from the nozzle of the gun.


Replace the suction tube up through the venturi mounting spigot and stretch the venturi seal over the top end of the suction tube such that it locates into the groove and forms a cupped shape.

Mehaaniline armatuuri lõikur C6 22

The large bore powder hose to the powder spigot on the venturi. Lift the articulated arm until the spring loaded retaining catch locks into position. Total Energy Control 4. Good illumination, protection from any damp environment and correct euotec of materials eurotce assist the operator to maintain concentration and an awareness of potential hazards. Installation and Operating Instructions 9.

The tube will enter the powder towards the centre of the box and will “burrow” into the powder and locate towards the corner of the box during operation. Regularly check the earthing of electrical equipment and manually operated spray guns. Failure to follow the safety rules and other basic More information.

Clean the gun in the same way. Check that all regulators are operating when the trigger is pulled and adjust pressures as necessary to ensure an even flow of the desired quantity of powder from the gun. Do not use compressed air for cleaning skin and clothing as it can penetrate the skin causing embolisms.

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Pneumatic Controls Incoming solenoid valve – Internal Normally closed – opens upon operation of trigger switch on hand gun. Check that the internal solenoid valve is operating by depressing gun trigger when an audible click should be heard. This air flow must be adjusted to ensure that the electrode and spreader faces are maintained clean. Maier has also worked on the main spindle motor and offers optionally up to 15 KW power, water cooling and optional clamping system.


Re-connect the powder hose to the venturi, and the airlines i. Disconnect the fluidising airline at the in-line quick release connector on the venturi bracket.

The information included in this Splendide Repair Manual may change without notice. As the gun is moved within one meter of the product the current starts to rise and, in tandem, the control circuit reduces the voltage.


Dust or dirt in oven. As the energy threshold for charging the powder is reached the shape of the powder cloud will be seen to rapidly expand.

Dusty environment before or after coating. Again, in practice, they can cause the opposite effect and produce products with a poor finish. The unit will start automatically.

Hose and Cable Length to Gun: If the supply is between 00v and 30v, reset the selector switch on the rear panel to v. Always turn off the unit and unplug More information.

Please leave this leaflet.

The powder in the box should be seen to be moving towards the suction tube when the vibrator is operating and powder is being sprayed. Ensure that powders are processed in compliance with the powder manufacturers instructions.