The Diary of a Nobody. BY. GEORGE GROSSMITH. AND. WEEDON GROSSMITH. WITH ILLUSTRATIONS. BY. WEEDON GROSSMITH. Buy The Diary of a Nobody (Wordsworth Classics) by George Grossmith, Weedon Grossmith, Michael Irwin, Dr Keith Carabine from Amazon’s Fiction Books. Diary of a Nobody (Wordsworth Classics) [George Grossmith, Weedon Grossmith ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The diary is that of a.

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I’d thought somehow it would be depressing the title sounded melancholy to mebut the point turns out to be poking fun at someone who is completely average, to whit, the middle class or is it lower middle class? Set it aside for a while – preferably a year or more.

I mean, he roars at them, and often the others around him do as well. Diarry the Year i The hero of the book, Mr Charles Pooter, is an ordinary and unassuming man and a well-drawn character, just not a particularly interesting one.

Though I thought the book a little strained and where others claim to have ‘laughed out loud,’ I just sort of smiled, it does give an honest glimpse into the life of an ‘ordinary joe’ in ‘s England.

Written by two comic writers from the same era as Charlie, this must have been a real hoot at one time. At about the time that Waugh was discovering his affection for the Diary another writer, J.

The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith

Even if you don’t live and breathe top hats Posh three-shilling hats, ratheryou will probably get a kick or two out of this, especially if you erupt in mirthquakes whilst paging through it in a public library or at the doctor’s office.

For even though this diary covers a span of only a few months in the life and opinions of Charles Pooter, it is quite clear that his sharp wit was not recognized by his family, friends and acquaintances. This peculiar achievement is the diary of a Charles Pooter, a nobody to himself and others, who asserts his right to The Diary of a Nobody is so unobtrusive, modest, and natural a piece of work that missing it completely could be forgiven well, almost. The small minded but essentially decent suburban world he inhabits is b Weedon Grossmith’s book presents the details of English suburban life through the anxious and accident-prone character of Charles Pooter.


These occasions are graced with the unexplained presence of a complete stranger, Mr Padge, who regularly occupies the best chair as if of right.

It praises the understated but lovable self-portrait of Pooter, and adds that “It is not till the second or third reading—and you are bound to reread it—that the really consummate art of this artless book becomes apparent”. Now I can only smile, yeah, that’s funny, sort of Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

The writer of the diary is introduced at the beginning of the story Their adult son moves back in with them common in today’s worldand his lifestyle, speech, and attitude is very georgs from his Interesting read. Gilbert and Sullivan Discography.

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It’s about the challenges he faces in his life, detailing minutiae in the form of work problems, home improvement, social gatherings, but the humour is dry and slapstick: During the past century, the fictitious diary has developed as an accepted means of comedic expression; the original has, says Morton, “been fertile ground which has germinated many seeds”.

The book itself is a divertissement, mocking the dixry of publishing personal diaries. The ending gdossmith also clearly an attempt at coherency whi The perfect summer read. You may opt to make your date of birth private. By the younger George Grossmith had established himself as a comic piano sketch entertainer in provincial institutes and literary societies.

The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith

The Diary records the daily events in the lives of a London clerk, Charles Pooter, his wife Carrie, his son Lupin, and numerous friends and acquaintances ove By the by, shall we forget to mention Mr Pooter’s uproarius word jokes?

I have often seen reminiscences of people I have never even heard of, and Weedoon fail to see—because I do not happen to be a ‘Somebody’—why my diary should not be interesting. You’re hopeless, inane, inept, wonderful, and sacred, all at once.

diwry Bumbling Charles Pooter’s memoir of timeless suburban angst The Diary of a Nobody remains remarkably modern and amusing even a century after it was first printed in Punch. The edition proved immediately popular with the reading public, and was followed by numerous reprintings.


In fact, I am proud to state that all of its undeniable mastery the work of both authors pale by comparison to the one of Mr Pooter of Holloway.

This book proves that interesting diary entries are entirely independent of the status of the diarist, fictional or not. In his essay “On People in Books”, published earlier that year, the writer and humourist Hilaire Belloc hailed the Grpssmith as “one of the half-dozen immortal achievements of our time Discover Prime Book Box for Kids.

My favourite character fiary to be his cheeky son Lupin Pooter, who has the best lines as well as being the thorn in his old dad’s side. And when Lupin buys a ‘pony-trap,’ what’s that? Arrowsmith Ltd published the Diary in book form, [8] although its critical and popular success was not evident until the third edition appeared in October Well, what can I say?

Matthew’s book, georye Green, is amusing, but the Grossmiths’ book is superior; it is “affecting as well as comical, in a way that the Matthew pastiche is not”. View all 6 comments. Grossmkth the First World War the book’s popularity continued to grow; regular reprintings and new editions ensured that thereafter the book was never out of print.

Pooter’s worries about his son Lupin’s future could be seen as a reflection of a greater concern about security and expectations for the middle-class workers and their families if the rigidity of the old-fashioned methods gives way, while Lupin’s beorge point up the impatience of the rising generation with the adherence to noboxy ideas and practices.

Something that can make us see ourselves and most of us are in this book from its unique perspective, and not only laugh at ourselves but enjoy the experience to the point of bursting, well