The first thing you’ll do is create a submission form or a call for submissions or applications. To do this, select the Forms page from the navigation bar in your. The first step of the submission process is to create a Submittable account, or sign in to your existing account. When creating an account, you will be asked for . Watch a short, instructional video on How to Create a Review Form In addition to our basic Yes/No/Maybe rating system, Submittable offers the ability for.

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New Submission Triggers when new submissions arrive in your Submittable Account. Create Contact Create a new contact. Optionally enter a Starts On and Expires On submtitable to automatically open and close your form to submissions on the specified dates. To create or edit a submission form, click on Forms at the top of the pagewhich shows a list of your existing forms.

Drag and drop fields from the Toolbox onto the review form to customize your form.

Submitters will only be able to access your form if you send them the direct link. You can also specify the maximum number of files from 1 to 75 submittabble submitters are allowed to upload.

Other Ways to Connect Salesforce. Submission Accepted Triggers when a submission is accepted.

Written by Asta So Updated over a week ago. Did this answer your question? Create Custom Object Create a new custom object of the type you choose. You can also reorder the fields by simply dragging and dropping them within the form.


Add an App Integration. To re-order the fields, drag and drop them within your form.

Getting Started With Submittable Guide | Submittable Help Center

New Opportunity Triggers when a new opportunity is created. Read more about Blind levels. Get Started—Use This Zap!

To export review data for an entire form, go to the ‘Forms’ tab and hover your mouse over the form for which you want to export data. It’s important to keep tabs on your business relationships, both those that are low- and submittab,e.

To view what submithable submission form will look like, click the View Your Site button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Sign in tab to sign in to your account. Create Spreadsheet Column Create a new column xreate a specific spreadsheet. Contact us at support submittable. Deletes the content of a row in a specific spreadsheet. Written by Asta So Updated over a week ago.

Click on an individual review to view it or click the Download icon to download it as an RTF file. Add an App Integration. Set the Default Note Visibility to specify the default visibility level for notes in the Submission Details form of each submission.

Google Sheets + Submittable Integrations

Create Salesforce contacts when new Submittable submissions are received It’s important to keep tabs on your business relationships, both those that are low- and high-touch. Click Done when you’re finished selecting your options. For more information, see our help article on submission statuses. If you don’t remember your submittbale, use the Forgot?

Click the Create Account and Continue button to continue with the organization’s submissions process. Here is an overview of the available fields:. Optionally choose a Success URL that submitters will be redirected to after they have successfully made a submission. Easily create a new row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet with the help of Zapier, and always keep track of what content is being submitted to you.


Add a Contact to a Campaign Add a contact to a campaign. When a submission is made, the submitter will receive an email acknowledging the submission. Click on the Attached Files field to select at least one acceptable type of file you’d like submitters to attach to their submission. To edit a field, simply click on the field and make your preferred changes.

The Form Designer is where you create the submission form that your submitters will complete. Select Return to List. Go to Discoverour opportunities marketplace that enables you to search through thousands of creative opportunities by theme, genre, and deadline.

All Google Sheets Integrations. A dialog box will ask you if you wish to continue editing or return to your form list. Delete Spreadsheet Row Deletes the content of a row in a specific spreadsheet. We look forward to making your submissions process work perfectly for you.

If you are going to charge a fee application fee, reading fee, contest entry fee enter the amount you want to charge in the Price box. Submittable is a submission management platform used to accept, review, and make decisions on any kind of digital content from any device.