In March representatives from all of Saint-Domingue’s departments were elected to the Assembly, which completed the constitution in May. Toussaint signed it in. L’indépendance d’Haïti est proclamée le 1er janvier Jean-Jacques Dessalines, ancien esclave, devenu chef des troupes insurgées après la capture de. Le 29 Mars , nous, le peuple Haïtien, avons voté la constitution haïtienne pour doter le pays d’une démocratie basée sur la diversité politique, la justice.

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The law of April 29, condemning all imported doctrines; Are and shall remain repealed. Implant democracy, which entails ideological pluralism and political rotation and affirm the inviolable rights of the Haitian people. Art 26 — If need be, the Central Assembly determines the basis, the amount, the duration and the mode of collection of taxes based on the state of the receipts and expenses presented to it, and on their increase or decrease. Their organization and their location must be planned from the perspective of regional development.

Constitution of Haiti

He shall ensure the regular operations of the public authorities and the continuity of the State. Have resided in the Communal Section for two 2 years before the elections and continue to reside there: Effigies and names of living personages may not appear on the currency, stamps, seals, public buildings, streets haaitienne works of art.

If the second House also votes to reject it, the bill is sent back to haiitienne President of the Republic, who must then promulgate it. Obligations of the State The Haitian people proclaim this Constitution: The right of petition is recognized.

The State guarantees that the handicapped and the gifted shall have the means to ensure their autonomy, education and independence. After five years of continuous residence in the territory of the Republic, any foreigner may obtain Haitian nationality by naturalization, in conformity with the regulations established by law. If it is dissolved, the Central Government appoints a Provisional Commission and calls upon the Permanent Electoral Council to elect a new Council for the remainder of consgitution term within sixty 60 days of the dissolution.


No one may be kept under arrest more than haitiienne 48 hours unless he has appeared before a judge asked to rule on the legality of the arrest and the judge has confirmed the arrest by a well-founded decision; ARTICLE Art 65 — All those who, not having been given by the law haitkenne power to arrest, will give, sign, execute, or have executed the arrest of a person will be guilty of the crime of arbitrary detention.

This general will immediately convoke the other active duty generals, the commanders-in-chief of the departments and the members of the Central Assembly, all of who must obey the convocation in order to proceed with the nomination of a new governor.

The CommunalSection is the smallest administrative territorial entity of the Republic.

Constitution of 1801

Art 18 — The commerce of the colony consists only in the costitution of the goods and products of its territory; consequently the introduction of those of the same nature as its own is and remains prohibited. The Armed Forces are apolitical. The Senate may however adjourn, but not during the Legislative Section.

The duration of their term comprises a legislative session.

Constitution of Haiti – Wikipedia

To ratify any decision to declare war when all efforts at conciliation have failed; 3. Of course, this time span is only relative to those successions whose delay of five years — fixed by the edict of will have expired; and as relates to those opened at eras closer to peace, they can only be available and combined at the expiration of seven years.

The Prime Minister, the Ministers and the Secretaries of State for Crimes of high treason and embezzlement or abuse of power or any other crimes or offenses committed in the discharge of their duties; c.

The Prime Minister and the Ministers may appear before the two 2 Houses to consittution bills and the objections of the President of the Republic and to reply to interpellation.


Deputies are elected by an absolute majority of votes cast in the Primary Assemblies, according to the conditions and in the manner prescribed by the Electoral Law.

Obligations of the State English The State has the absolute obligation to guarantee the right to life, health, and respect of the human person for all citizens without distinction, in conformity with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man.

When it adjourns, it leaves a permanent, committee charged with handling current business. It sees to the physical, intellectual, moral, professional, social and civic constitutkon of the population.

However, aliens residing in Constiturion may not own more than one dwelling in the name Arrondissement. For ten 10 years following publication of this Constitution, and without prejudice to any criminal action or civil suit for damages, none of the following may be candidates for any public office; a.

Trade union freedom is guaranteed.

Haïti: constitution bilingue français-créole

In the event of a vote of nonconfidence by one of the two 2 Houses, the procedure shall be repeated. In the event of the President of the Republic’s absence or temporary inability to perform his duties, or at his request, the Prime Minister presides over the Council of Ministers. It must endeavor to aid and assist mothers, children and the aged.

At the opening of the following session, the bill thus deferred is sent to the President of the Republic to exercise his right of objection. No preferential tax treatment may be established. He may serve an additional term only after an interval of five 5 years. In the event of the Prime Minister’s resignation, the government remains in place until the appointment of a successor, in order to transact current business.