Module OCW-MTDJ-1AJF Titanium with Ti Carbide coating 36 Responses to “Casio Oceanus OCW-M Series”. Search: Casio Watch Manual: Module · Next Page >> · Page 1 of the owner’s manual for the Casio Module number · Next Page >>. For simplicity sake I am going to refer to this watch as the series, though it might be more accurate to refer to it by its movement,

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From my point of view, it embodies all the features a wrist timepiece is supposed — within reason — to have. I am trying to set the correct time on the Casio Oceanus but can’t get it to timesetting mode correctly.

Their Eco-Drive watches have set the standard. Are you a Watches Expert? The stopwatch mode has some limitations. You will want to make sure that all the hands point to Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Just stop the stopwatch and use the reset button to put it back to the By continuing to occw-m700 this website, you agree to their use.

The new fifth motor replaces the function of the LCD screen found in kcw-m700 first generation models with a classic date display. At “Level 3” the second hand stops moving altogether and hour and minute hands move to I hope I have given you enough images to make your own determination if it is a good looking watch or not.


Casio Oceanus OCW M700 4749 Solar Atomic Multiband Chronograph World Time Watch

I can’t resist the urge to wear it all the time. Based on the issues you are describing I would recommend that you adjust the hand home position.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I live in the States. At this writing this watch appears to be selling new at list, which is pretty high.

If the hand jumps by two seconds then the watch has depleted to “level 2”.

It charges very quickly, 8 minutes in direct sunlight will do it. I have followed all of the miserable manual’s That would really be nice. This can be located on page 4 of the manual under Adjusting the Home Positions on the caeio side of the page. Despite this setback the watch keeps accurate time.

When the watch needs to indicate something, like what city the world time is set to, or if the watch is attempting to sync ocww-m700 the atomic clock, this hand points to the appropriate marking. The series is currently the top of the line in the US, but will soon be overtaken by the new Oceanus Mantas ” Series”. The primary means of doing this is the large “second hand”.

Casio Oceanus OCW M Solar Atomic Multiband Chronograph World Time Watch | eBay

Oops, it seems I made a typo. It casioo a considerable investment, but I’m glad I got it. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The fix is to adjust the home position of the second hand. Popular Products Bulova Watch Questions. I am wondering if the watch needs to calibrated somehow because it just sees off a bit. Will this watch change time as you travel?


Casio also has an extensive lineup of “Tough Solar” watches, many of them with digital displays. I tried everything and at this point am so frustrated with the thing that I really need some help.

Hello, I have a module since they first came out on the market, very happy with it. I heard that an override method exists to put the indicators back to their places but i fail to find the instructions to achieve this.

Their G-Shock and Pathfinder series are highly regarded as excellent digital watches, but not as dress pieces. Trust me, it’s not. Watch for the 1AV vs. Follow this link, fill in the Page 4 of the manual, it took me a long time to find it a few years ago when I needed to do that.

If this coating specs are really true, why do watch manufacturers wont include ocw-m7000 on specs sheet. Or, as Casio says: Stopwatch Mode A press of the button at the 2 o’clock position starts the stopwatch. How easy is it to tell if two minutes or 3 have past?