Doodle Studies and Etudes; A complete course of study using doodle tonguing for the slide trombone. With Demostration CD [Bob McChesney, Richard Fote] on . I first met Bob McChesney in when we were both part of Paul Anka’s a prolific author and has penned the industry standard Doodle Studies and Etudes. Doodle studies and etudes: a complete course of study using doodle tonguing for the slide trombone. by Bob McChesney. Musical score: CD audio. English.

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Jazz Poll Help us identify the world’s top jazz venues. Sponsored announcements from etuces industry. Find the best jazz venues by city with All About Jazz poll results! In the doodle tongue technique, articulations can be executed very fast, smoothly and evenly with each articulation matching in sound, often making minor slide innacuracies unnoticeable.

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Our faculty is uniquely positioned to help you set and achieve your goals. This is because as speed increases, both timing and similarity of note envelopes or lack of similarity is easily perceived by the listener. The technique is a powerful tool that will greatly expand the overall capabilities of the trombonist.

Sign in or sign up to upload your events. Do you want to be a part of music in the professional world? Sign in or sign up to upload your press release. Skip to Main Content. Our esteemed studio faculty hold some of the most coveted positions in the United States, and all have tremendous teaching experience.


Email address It will remain private. Because there are no valves or keys, the trombonist must articulate differently than other wind players.

Birthday Jazz Musician of the Day: Graduate students and studio teachers work closely together to establish the highest possible level of performance. For more than a thousand students and professional players it has proven to be an extremely valuable tool in improving fast legato skills on the trombone.

In addition to its speed and smoothness, doodle tonguing lends itself perfectly to music played with a swing feel.

Brass at the Beach

This degree program is designed to provide a well-rounded education for brass instrumentalists through extensive private study, large ensemble and chamber music experience, substantial music theory and music history courses, a high-standard piano proficiency sequence, conducting, as well as a broad liberal education. For a classical player like myself, this source is terrific Philharmonic “I consider your book the definitive book on doodle tonguing for at least three reasons: Password Reset your password.

Actually, the issue of fast legato playing studiea trombone is much more one of articulation than slide movement. I love jazz because it gives me freedom of mind.

Jazz news: Doodle Studies and Etudes By Trombonist Bob McChesney

After a week I’m playing things I never thought I would be able to Because there are no valves or keys, the trombonist must articulate differently than other wind players i. Podcasts YouTube Newsletter Facebook. The technique also produces much smoother articulations than can be achieved with the standard multiple techniques of double and triple tonguing. While intonation in general is very important, from the audience’s perspective, clarity in studiee passages comes more from the quality and evenness of articulation – an area in which all trombonists should strive to improve.


Even when rhythmic patterns may be slow enough to single tongue, doodle tonguing can often be preferable because it easily produces swing. This method should not be approached as a compilation of licks and jazz patterns that happen to work well on the trombone.

bob mcchesney

Click any of the store links below and you’ll support All About Jazz in the process. Search Photos by photo tag. Search Musicians by name. This complete method explains the fast legato technique in a step-by-step fashion, from how to correctly form the syllables to complex patterns incorporating natural downward slurs. Our studio teachers have performed on hundreds of motion picture soundtracks. The program requires focus, commitment, and absolute dedication to the most demanding artistic and academic standards.