Arbeitsbescheinigung Kundennummer nach Drittes Buch Sozialgesetzbuch ( SGB III) Bitte beachten Sie: Diese Bescheinigung ist eine Urkunde, zu deren. Der Arbeitgeber verpflichtet sich, das Versicherungsnachweisheft und die Arbeitsbescheinigung nach § SGB III dem Arbeitnehmer mit. f. GERMAR RUDOLF, CARLO MATTOGNO · AUSCHWITZ LIES 42 cremation ovens built by us (innerhalb zwei Monaten nach Inbetriebnahme der Ofen auftreten.) Arbeits-Bescheinigung of Messing for the week March ,

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Looking at the formation conditions of Iron Blue in the above-quoted case of construction damage to a gassed church, one is reminded of the environmental conditions that were present in the alleged homicidal gas chambers of crematoria II and III in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Green has no knowledge about these is18 19 Cf.

Auschwitz-Lies. Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust

Not even Green can claim that, or does he? Regarding the mechanism cf. The real capacity is given in invoices by the firm that delivered and installed the ventilation systems: These and other untruths are treated in this book and exposed for what they really are: The people who write these reports are motivated by a desire to rehabilitate Nazism, an ideology of hate.

Since one of the most important aspects of an academic dispute is the discussion of opposing views, we decided to update the most important of nacu papers and publish them in printed form. But arbeitsbecheinigung first lesson here is that it is their dilemma and not a First Arbeitsbescheinkgung question.

We especially excluded the disputed Prussian Blue the chemical formulas of which are more complicated. Green comes along claiming that I am wrong because a science friend of his has just now measured the temperature of a pizza which was baked a week ago, and which has been lying around somewhere since.

The first row shows the data for the absorption of HCN alone, while arbeitsbeschrinigung second row shows the data with the influence of high concentrations of carbon dioxide CO2 in the air on the absorption of HCN. Should they risk playing censors to protect other young minds by refusing the ad?

Auschwitz-Lies. Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust – PDF Free Download

When it comes to refuting or merely attacking revisionism, political zeal and fanaticism go rampant. Josef Bailer has suggested it may be a pigment from paint.


How characterless Green is indeed, is demonstrated by his attacks against me for associating with individuals, who are — in most cases unjustly — labeled with all sorts of political swear words in the media. In order to balance the weight of two corpses in a controlled manner in that situation, the person holding the stretcher at the other end needed to be heavier than both corpses together.

Analytic Results from Test Samples Apart from these problematic analytic results the test gassings performed by the three Polish authors reveal more interesting details that call for more questions. One therefore had to introduce Zyklon B amounts into the alleged gas chambers, which would have exceeded the amount Wellers assumes by the factorif not The fact is, however, that the claimed fast murder could succeed only if high concentrations of the poison gas were present everywhere in the gas chamber at 22 23 Ibid.

The Krakow analytic results of samples taken from the delousing chamber are a factor 10,!

Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust. They decided to teach all student editors a lesson that they had a moral obligation to suppress revisionist dissent.

From Paul to Pseudo-Saul By Germar Rudolf During the andFrench pharmacist Jean-Claude Pressac was heralded by European media like a heroic knight who had killed the evil revisionist dragon with its own — technical — methods. Water content of the wall the wetter, the better 2. With poison gases, which spread in lethal doses together with the circulating air inhaled inside of a hermetically sealed room, it is as follows: Poland is open now. If you really wish to enlighten the uninformed Polish reader on this topic, then it would have been better, for example, to discuss the following points for him, so that he could understand the arbeitsbeshceinigung of the detection of cyanide in masonry: You also want to prevent that the onus on the Hitler system might be mitigated by certain research results.

Similarly, I consider it naxh as honorable and politically necessary to remember the victims of the Holocaust committed against Germans during the ethnic cleansing of eastern Germany after World War Wrbeitsbescheinigung. It thus turns out: It is also questionable to raise the concentration of CO2 in a room, which supposedly had a CO2-content of 1 vol. We found the expressions on the revisionists in publications that we cited Amoklauf24 J. Another point reflects even worse on the chemical competence of the three Polish authors: In their article the three Polish authors impute to the revisionists the desire to white-wash the Hitler system.


Anne McLintic Smith Local time: Now to the last question: See now Fred A. They ignored facts established by me, which explain arbeitsbecsheinigung chemical processes, 10 11 12 Letter to Mark Weber, June 7,The Journal of Historical Review, 11 2pp.

How could the Zyklon B have gotten into the underground morgue 1 of crematorium III in Auschwitz-Birkenau, the alleged homicidal gas chamber? What Wellers did not read in his chemical handbook, however, is the fact mentioned above that hydrogen cyanide developed in this way is not gaseous but remains almost completely dissolved in the water.

You write that the expressions that you have taken from exterminationist publications on the revisionists were necessary to enable the Polish reader to understand the purpose of your work. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Truth is hate for those who hate the truth.

§ SGB III Leistungsentgelt

If, however, the corpses had been the victims of gassings, as Tauber claims, which are said to have been murdered right after their arrival in the camp, the sum of two randomly chosen corpses would quite often have exceeded the weight of the person pushing them into the muffle. Some, however, including those at Duke and Rutgers, have run them with rebuttals and discussion. After all, I do not write that Green is a Jew and associates 8 www. The articles were completely reproduced in G. These cyanide compounds are remnants of hydrogen cyanide, the active ingredient in the delousing product Zyklon B, with which lice had been killed in delousing chambers at Auschwitz, and supposedly humans in the alleged homicidal gas chambers.

Nolte is also the only mainstream scholar who publicly admits that revisionists have a right to doubt and to critically challenge the orthodox view.

Part of this quality is that he does not suspect his scientific opponents politically. Thank you very much for the interesting book!

Jean-Claude is mentally very unstable. At the end ofAustrian chemist Dr. Markiewicz and his colleagues to 26 27 E.