Rajeev Jhanji is an eminent scholar and teach of Vedic astrology. He has taught astrology for several years to hundreds of students in the Institute of Astrology of. Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions [Rajeev Jhanji, K S Charak, N K Sharma] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the. Applications Of Yogini Dasha For Brilliant Predictions has 5 ratings and 0 reviews . This is the first ever book on the use of Yogini dasha for successful.

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Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. Kaloian Ivanov marked it as to-read Mar 30, The Meaning yoginl Vimshottari Dasha.

The Sun, the significator for father, is placed in the adverse eighth house associated with Rahu, without any releiving factor.

Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions : Rajeev Jhanji :

Composite Approach of Vedic Astrology. The quotient is dasa and the remainder is 4. There are many advantages of this system. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Sun, the Karaka for the father as well as the ninth lord, occupies the lagna in association with the sixth lord.

Applications Of Yogini Dasha For Brilliant Predictions

About the Author Author Profile. Srilal De marked it as to-read Jan 24, Saturn in association with the sixth lord aspects the ninth from the third, the twelfth from the Sun. dsaha

MaNik MaHata is currently reading it Sep 28, In view of the above statement, it is surprising why this dasha is not more universally employed. Jupiter, the lord of the ninth from the Sun, is under a dual malefic influence of Saturn and Mars. Ankit Lakhotia added it Oct 10, Use of divisional horoscopes for spectacular predictions.


Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions

The sub periods of all Applicatios operating under their major periods are given in Table 2. The Sun is considered the significator for the father of a native. It should be restricted to whole numbers and remainder be noted down.

Hpone Nyunt marked it as to-read Apr 09, In all other cases Yogini dasha gives results. Want to Read saving…. The ninth lord from the lagna occupies the twelfth house, aspected by the eighth lord Mercury. No eBook available Amazon.

An Introduction to the Yogini Dasha – :

Out of a total period of 36 years of Yogini dasha, 16 years are ruled by benefic planets — Mangala Moon 1 yearDhanya Jupiter 3 yearsBhadrika Mercury 5 years and Siddha Venus 7 years. In addition, the appropriate divisional chart should also be considered.

Placement of the house lord in its own house protects the house and it will always improve the results of the house. Now divide by 8.

Sanjeev Jain marked it as to-read Apr 11, If the Sun and the ninth lord are weak or placed in malefic houses, along with affliction of the ninth house, the ninth lord or the Sun by ap;lications Trika lords yoginni, 8th or 12th lordsit could be a combination for ill-health or even fatality to the father of the native. Jupiter is the lord of the sixth as well as the ninth from the Sun, is associated with the sixth and the seventh lord Saturn and aspected by Mars.


His departure to USA in the year has been a loss to his Indian students. From the Sun both of them fall in the adverse six-twelve axis.

In the dwadashamsha, the ninth lord occupies the sixth house in association with Ketu and the twelfth lord Venus and is aspected by the sixth lord Mars. The ninth lord from the Sun is also heavily afflicted. To further elucidate the above mentioned principles, two more charts of siblings are being given here. In the Kaliyuga, after careful examination of this dasha on a chart, the results do not go wrong.

Anirudh Sharma marked it as to-read May 07, Considering the ninth house of the dwadashamsha as the lagna, a highly malefic combination consisting of Moon, Mars, Saturn and Ketu forms in the sixth house. The Yogini dasha operating at the time of the adverse event was Sankata-Bhadrika equivalent to Rahu-Mercury. For example, in matters of progeny, one needs to consider the fifth house from the lagna, the fifth house from the Karaka Jupiter and also the fifth house from the fifth i.

In the dwadashamsha chart, the lagna is heavily afflicted, being occupied by a debilitated Mars, the malignant Ketu and a retrograde Venus.