The Knowledge has ratings and reviews. Brendon Lewis Dartnell here offers technical knowledge, but he limits it to knowledge useful for “peaceful . Apr 3, Lewis Dartnell offers vital tips for those who manage to survive Armageddon, in his cunningly packaged history of practical ideas. By Steven. The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch is a book written by astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell. The book is written as a quick-start guide to restarting.

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If you had to go back to absolute basics, like some sort of postcataclysmic Robinson Crusoe, would you know how to re-create an internal combustion engine, put together a microscope, get metals out of rock, accurately leiws time, weave fibers into clothing, or even how to produce food for yourself? Maybe I’ll be off traveling while it happens or something.

The Back to Basics Handbook is much more valuable yhe comes much closer to fulfilling the expectations generated by The Knowledge’s author.

Adam The author actually addresses this–the fact that it merely exists in physical print anywhere is enough. So the science writer Lewis Dartnell has written a book on how that might happen. Most of us are ignorant about the fundamental principles of the dartnelll that supports us, happily utilizing the latest—or even the most basic—technology without having the slightest idea of why it works or how it came to be.

Please try again later. But the people saying that are completely ignorant of the complex path of development we have taken and would be hopeless about even how to begin to do these things if they had to start from scratch. It’s great that hickory is a good wood for making gears and elm for making wagon wheels, but how many 21st century urbanites can tell hickory from elm from maple?


If you have children and they’re asking questions about your too-long-ago school learning, this is for you. Global thermonuclear war, say, or the impact of knowlevge not-too-large space rock. How do the survivors rebuild the UK to a standard of technology broadly similar to that of today?

The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch – Wikipedia

This book presents the hardy survivor of a holocaust a way to build your own civilization from the ruins. Surely a catastrophe such as that would present an opportunity to make a fresh start?

If you want to tuck this away for the apocalypse, so you can amaze the other survivors with your scientific knowhow, remember to buy the paperback, not the ebook. Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. He even discusses how to create gunpowder, but mandates it only be used for peaceful uses, and naturally declines any instructions on how to create new cartridges for the hundreds of millions of firearms that would survive his type of posited collapse. What Lewis offers isn’t a complete set of instructions but some methods are described in great detailbut rather an overview of differing technologies such as agriculture, food preservation, basic and advanced chemistry, communications and more with specific methods and examples of the history of certain technologies and how to reboot these technologies from scratch.

In one graceful swoop, Lewis Dartnell takes our multi-layered, interconnected modern world, shows how fragile its scaffolding is, and then lays out a how-to guide for starting over from scratch. Lewis Dartnell versetzt Sie in die Lage, all dies und noch viel mehr zu tun, indem er das Wissen versammelt, das man wirklich braucht.

As food production, finding, obtaining and storing potable water, simple metallurgy from mining to finished product subsistence plumbing and sanitation.


The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch – review

This would leave survivors the advantage of a fairly intact infrastructure whilst they find their feet as well as little competition for resources. This is a very informative book with a lot of fascinating detail.

Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. Start from a realistic assumption about what the world is like, and who my audience is.

I’m tempted to buy this book to have it on my shelf in case of a disaster He explicitly believes that survivors will leave the cities and form wholly peaceful communities striving to recapture past knowledge, perhaps with an assist from his book.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. If we could rebuild our civilisation, would we want to reignite naked consumerism?

I’ve gathered a commune full of survivors, and we’ve set up a social structure which one? Plus you can build shelter with it.

The premise is blithering. Open Preview See a Problem? I must confess that I didn’t follow all of it, but when I took the time to walk through his explanations, I got a ton out of them.

Jan 09, Robert Morris rated it it was amazing.

About the book

The book instead is a series of chapters describing problems that one facing the rebuilding of civilization would face with no solutions. Show 25 25 50 All. A series of ‘this is how to build a fire’, ‘this is how to identify iron-bearing rocks’, ‘this is how dqrtnell smelt iron’, ‘this is how to build a steam engine, etc.