Urhobo and head words from English; Urhobo –English complex Code In this study, Urhobo is the matrix language while English is the. SIMILAR WORDS IN URHOBO AND UKWUANI LANGUAGE, For more data in general and to anyone that has to do with language planning”. world should evolve a more robust language planning policy towards the functional . Fulfulde, Igala, Ijaw, Kanuri, Nupe, tiv, and Urhobo. The.

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Do you tutor or consult? It is illogical to imagine otherwise.

The reality is the term has limited utility outside linguistics no more than a computer language does for speaking to computers. Warri South Shared with Itsekiri Like I said earlier, this dialectal list is not prescriptive but descriptive.

There should not be ignorant of the knowledge of languzge among dialects of the same language. A ni mi hwe we ee! I can keep citing ad infinitum but I have made my point.

However, both dialects are from Delta State of Nigeria, a multilingual speech community. Words are different, syntax becomes juggled, pronunciations take a funny turn, most speakers code-mix and code-switch between Urhobo and Ndokwa and some cant even separate which from which. Only experienced speakers of Urhobo can pick out its dialectal differences. We will not briefly examine these groups one by one.


The Various Dialects Of The Urhobo Language And Where They Are Spoken – Culture (6) – Nigeria

Since this started you have been creating a wikipedia page? However, lqnguage is important to know things like this. Anyhow like I said I have never disputed that the Ikwerre language is Igboid.

The term “Igboid” is a term that unites all the BIA speaking group whether or not they are explcitly part of the Igbo ethnic umbrella. The Okpe dialect is considered deep and hard by other Urhobo speakers. Obviously Akalaka who came with his wife and household and settled needed to interact with the people in neighbouring areas. English is a “Germanic” language by linguistic classification. Logic does not allow that.


The main reason for this break-off is that these dialects see themselves as individual groups as much as Ikwerre see themselves as being different from Igbo. Moreover, languwge research on different branches of linguistic such as morphology, social-linguistic, oanguage have been carried out in time past so as to solve the controversy of the Urhobo dialect. Their main divisions are; Oruarivie-Abraka and Umiagwa-Abraka, planniny with its own king. Igboid derives from IGBO speaking groups.


The study examined morphological processes in Ukwauni dialect and Agbarho dialectthe chosen dialect of Urhobo people to be use Urhobo Language. Hence, I have decided to revamp this tradition with Nigeria’s minority and less known ethnic groups. So much for your claims to scholarship.

To illustrate I will give one example.

However, there is still a controversy as to the different dialect of Urhobo language. You think it is everything that you browse online?

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If you want to learn Urhobo, dont start with Agbon. You can strap a bomb to your public languaage and mount a horse without a saddle if you dont like it. Send me a message mathias okjournals. The Urhobo People as a cultural unit has already been treated by me sometime ago in this thread: These various dialectal groups also have peculiar cultural traits.

If you are rational as you think yourself to be then provide exactly the extract in which the term “Igboid” was used by Williamson