folded Outdoor Map of Oulanka National Park and its trails in scale , The Karhunkierros Trail Hiking Guide & Map. Karhunkierros Retkeilyopas & kartta. SAVILAMPI. KANJONIN KURKKAUS 6 KM. KARHUNKIERROS. KARHUNKIERROS. KARHUNKIERROS. VASAOJA. RUPAKIVI. 2,4 km. 1,0 km. 0 ,6 km. 1,6 km. Ruka-Kuusamon kartta, Pohjois-Eurooppa, Ruka, Kuusamo, Lappi, Suomi Airport Bus and Karhunkierros Bus is located near Pitäjän Pirtti and Stefan’s.

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Continue along Urriaavantie for 4 karhunoierros and turn right. Some national and international couriers provide delivery estimates. Winter Holiday Week 8, 7 days, Sat Spring Break 3 days, Thu The most frequent bus connection to Kuusamo is from the town of Oulu, timetables www. The paperback book, easily carried in a backpack, describes in detail and with plentiful photographs the nature and the landscape, the attractions, the services and facilities and the special characteristics of the hiking trails.

Ruka and Kuusamo on the map

Pick the perfect partner for. This trip is at least one year away, but Pursuivant, I’m an eagle scout not trying to brag so I’m pretty prepared. Oulanka Visitor Centre Liikasenvaarantie Karhunkierros Oulanka National Park. Walking only parts of the trail is also possible. The Karhunkierros Trail How to? Additional information request Feedback Other. The distance to the camping ground is about m. If you ever feel the need, please contact our customer service!

Ruka Oulanka Bear’s Trail 1: Displayed prices in currencies other than euros are estimates based on the European Central Bank’s current exchange rates. Find useful advice on shipping, immigration, residence permits, visas and more. Buy your skipass online and save money. If due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to keep this delivery promise, we will contact you by phone or email.


In addition to terrain details, e. The guide and the map are packed in a plastic cover. The second one does not work:?

Pieni Karhunkierros

Package deals and offers for the whole Ruka-Kuusamo area – book now! Connections to Oulanka Visitor Centre and Juuma vary on different times of the year. The second one does not work And now the first one isn’t working on my computer.

What is the climate like in the Summer there? LiikasenvaarantieKuusamo Juuma parking area: Are there any cool off the path activities to do in that area? To get from Salla to Ruka, first drive to the end of road 77 km and then turn left onto the E JuumantieKuusamo Ruka: The double-sided map covers the most beautiful trekking areas of Kuusamo.

We recommend taking a tent along during the busiest summer season June-Augustjust in case. Northern Finnish topographic maps for Garmin navigators.

Ruka and Kuusamo on the map |

However, it is advisable to look at the map at every junction. The material of the map is fully waterproof and can withstand almost limitless folding, and it will not rip in normal map use. karhnukierros

Again thanks for all the tips. I have done numerous backpacking trips and will be in great shape when Karhunkierris leave for Finland, would this trail be right for me?

The ravines, Arctic fells and primeval forests provide unforgettable experiences along the route. National Land Survey of Finland Suitable for a one-day trip, the Pieni karhunkierros Trail is a small hiking trail midway of the Karhunkierros Trail.


The actual fee is always billed in euros. I am glad I found this website because I have a few questions about a trip I am planning to Finland in a year or so. The map includes ten attractions or experiences in the area, which have been described in a few sentences at the edge of the map in Finnish and English. At the edge of the map, you can also find all the hut coordinates in the area as well as information about the magnetic declination. You can stay overnight in your tent or rent a cabin.

The route traverses the most magnificent sceneries in Kuusamo: I’ve looked there before, but am still confused where to buy the actual map.

Finland Forum Find information about moving to, living in and life in Finland. You are all the best! Karhunkierros Trail, water resistant map, 1: Plans were initiated already back in with the Ruka Master Plan. The most popular day hike trails are described also in a more detailed scale of 1: Stay on this road for 13 km, until the road ends in a parking area.

Thank you all very much if you can answer some, if not, all of my questions. From Salla, take road south and drive for 59 km, until you see a parking area by the road on the left.

Fishing permits at several places around Kuusamo.