-Articulación de la cara palmar de la mano. -Articulación Metacarpofalángica de los dedos medio y anular. -Articulación Interfalángica del. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘huesos sesamoideos de la mano’. Prevalence and Distribution of Sesamoid Bones of the Hand. A Radiographic Study in Turkish Subjects. Prevalencia y Distribución de los Huesos Sesamoideos.

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The hand compared to the foot. Based on this premise we conducted a study to determine its presence in different metacarpophalangeal joints MPJ of two groups of individuals. Fracture of the thumb sesamoid bone: Sesamoid bones are typically found in sesamoideeos where a tendon passes over a joint, such as the hand, wrist, knee, and foot.

The sesamoid bones of the hand and their pathology. This may be the reason why Bizarro found two subjects who lack these sesamoids before these sesamoids ossified. Sesamoid huewos have some functions.

Fractura en Hueso Sesamoideo

Aneurysmal bone cyst of the index sesamoid. Coincident development of sesamoid bones and clues to their evolution. Traumatic conditions include acute fracture, stress fracture, and pseudoarthrosis Fig.

However, they may participate in various disease processes Wood. The sesamoid bones of the middle and ring finger are quite rare when compared to other fingers. Interestingly, Msamati et al.

Huesos Sesamoideos en la Mano Humana

The presence of sesamoid bones in various digits and their distribution was recorded by two orthopedic surgeons independently at separate times and any discrepancy was subsequently resolved by consensus. Again, the prevalence of sesamoid bones in the index and little fingers in Turkish subjects seems to be similar to that in Arab and Mediterranean populations.

Furthermore, we analyzed the differences between gender and laterality. In the hand the sesamoid bones are found on the palmar surface of the several joints. On the other hand, we could not examine the symmetry patterns, as radiographs were of a single hand from sesamoideeos patient, either right or left. On Sesamoid and Supernumerary Bones of the Limbs.


Superimposition of the radial sesamoid bone with the first metacarpal head. As a conclusion, the present study represents the first report on the prevalence and distribution of sesamoid bones in the hand in Turkish subjects.

The common arrangement of sesamoid bones is summarized in Table III. Absence of all sesamoids of the hand, excluding 1st MCP joint, was the most common type of arrangement with a prevalence of In the group of Brazilian individuals, we observed that all hands had sesamoid bones at the level of MPJ of the thumb; However, the prevalence of sesamoid bones sesamoieos their distribution in digits of the hand in Turkish population has not been reported yet. The prevalence and distribution of sesamoid bones in the hand is variable among different populations and ethnic groups.

Sesamoid and accessory bones of the hand–an epidemiologic survey in a Mediterranean population. According to his study, there was three common type of arrangement sesamoodeos sesamoid bones; absence of all sesamoid bones 2nd through 5th digits The prevalence of sesamoid bones in Turkish population is considerably different from the Africans and Europeans, but rather resembles Mediterranean and Arab populations. Bizzaro reported the highest frequency in these localizations 5.

Sesamoid bones develop in certain tendons or thickness of the fibrous capsule which surrounds certain joints. This provided a correct identification of all sesamoid bones. Although, the two sesamoid bones in the thumb MCP joint ossifies early at around 10 years of age, ossification thus visibility sesamoudeos x-ray may be completed at around uuesos years of age Bizarro. They act to protect the tendon sesakoideos to increase its mechanical effect by holding the tendon further away from the center of the joint thus increasing its lever arm.


We excluded 94 hand radiographs, in which the sesamoid bones were not clearly depicted due to either incorrect patient positioning making it impossible to judge about the presence of sesamoid bones or all metacarpal and phalangeal bones sezamoideos the hand were not demonstrated.

The most common arrangement of sesamoid bones was absence of all sesamoids bones in all locations except 1st MCP joint Fig. Therefore, these variable sesamoid bones are generally considered normal anatomic variations, sesamoidoes are often recognized as an incidental radiograph finding in seszmoideos practice Amar et al.

Black arrow shows the ulnar sesamoid which is clearly evident, white arrows show the shadow hudsos the radial sesamoid. This percentage is considerably high compared to the previously published studies.

In contrast to previous findings, we have found sexual differences in 2nd and 3rd MCP joint sesamoid bones. Sesamoid bones palmar to the MCP joints of the middle finger and ring finger were rare; the incidence for these locations being 1. Anatomy and sesamideos of the sesamoid bones. Incidence and ossification of sesamoid bones in the hands and feet: The overall distribution of sesamoid bones and their percentage incidence is shown in Figure 2.

Furthermore, they modify the pressure, diminish the friction and, occasionally alter the direction of muscle pull Amar et al.

In Bizarro’s hand x-ray series total hand radiographs 54 subjects were between years of age. All these studies could not show any difference between gender and laterality.