Full text of “Hindu Predictive Astrology BV Raman” . According to Suryasiddhanta, Saturn is the 6 Hindu Predictive Astrology most distant planet from the earth. Hindu Predictive Astrology has 42 ratings and 1 review: Published May 1st by South Asia Books, pages, Paperback. Please Note: This title is being reprinted at present and is currently not available to order. You can browse similar titles or contact us for a personalised.

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Acquisition of property, gain of money, domestic happiness, successful love affairs.

Hindu Predictive Astrology

If Scorpio is Lagna with tha Son and Jupiter there and if the lord of prdeictive 8th occupies any quadrants, the person dies at If the lord of the Uth hondu in exaltation and in a kendra quadrantand if Mercury becomes the lord of the 2nd, much gain will accrue from trade. If Saturn occupies the 10th or aspects it with no beneficial conjunction, earnings will be from being a municipal official, vv scavenger, a factory worker, etc. The Moon in tbe 6th or Btb without baving any a spects.

Astrology is the science which comprises the foretelling of tbe regular movements of the planets, the fortunes and misfortunes of men, fates of nations. And planell when tbey pais tbrough Apachaya bousel or unfriendlY or depression signs produce malefic effects fully.

Lords of the ascendant, and the navamsa lagna and the lord of the sign occupied by the Moon in conjunction with the Sun. Ja ,a Ptamodula The remaining portion of Gemini is S'” Reference to oblique ascension tables in Appendill: Mercury governs Gemini and Virgo.


If the lord of the 7th is badly afflicted, they Will have double marriage.

Hindu Predictive Astrology (Bangalore Venkata B.V. Raman) PDF SCAN.pdf

They possess almond eyes and their hair is brown. If the lord of the 4th occupies the 12th, loss of ancestral property is to be feared.

In aU theSe cases. Almost all astrological books iif India are after Parasara who is said to have lived before the dawn of Kali Yuga more than 5, years ago.

If Lagna is a common sign and if the Moon occupies a common sign, death takes place before the 32nd year. If the weak Moon occupying the predkctive with Rabu joins maleficio tbe person dies by tbe troubles of apparitions hnidu spectres. The Sun, as we know, is in the 2nd pada of Aslesha.

Hindu Predictive Astrology – B. V. Raman – Google Books

Ketu in the 4th with or aspected by malefics. If Lagna is aspected by its own lord, the 8th house by its lord and Jupiter is in a kendra, the person gets Purnayu. Autumn, Spring, Winter and the Summer. It is not a science like Matbematics, Botany.

Hindu Method of Casting the Horoscope 9. AyaDas There are two Ayanas-periods-in B: Add together the Buktis from the beginning o f Jaoma Oasa predicgive period onc by ODe till the total is a little in excess over the expired portion of Dasa at birth. One peculiarity is craning the neck.

Hindu Predictive Astrology by B.V. Raman

Accidental deaths are always due to Mars. For, when a child has a poor longevity to its credit, it would be unnecessary to examine the other favourable combinations. In such a circumstance the period of a predoctive, no matter even if it is less malicious in causing predictivf which comes within the maximum number of years allotted for Madhyayu, must be considered as bringing about death, in preference to the most malicious one.


The lords of the 12 Dwadasamsas are the lords of the 12 signs from the sign in question.

One-fourth of this gives the duration of a quarter or pada. In addition to tbis, be must also exercise discretio n and common sen se coupled, of course, with a certain amount of intuition. Loll Horoscopes or Unkoown Birth Times.

Some say that if the Moon is not in Pisces at tbe question L. The Western method of horoscope casting is also mentioned. These two states of combustion, viz. The SUD moves at the rate predoctive rougbly 1 degree of tbis Circle of Light zodiac in one day composed of 24 hours or boras, astropogy takes days and 6 hours to complete a circuit round the zodiac.

According to Hindu astronomy, planets in the course of their journey in the zodiac are said to be obstructed by certain invisible forces called mondochcha, seeghroehcha and patha as g.

Predidtive Mars occupies the 4th, general happiness will be lacking. Rahu and Ketu which revolve in the Apasavya order, i.

The Sun, Jupiter and Venus are powerful during the day. They are very talkative, self-reliant, honest and unbending. This phenomenon of going backwards is called vy. As inhabitants of the earth, we are concerned with the influences of these celestial bodies on our planet. For the Moon some calculations are necessary.