5 THREE LETTERS FROM STUDENTS OF FRANCES LARIMER WARNER . the clue, and 15 1 16 Our Invisible Supply it rests with me to overcome finally. In this extremely hard to find sequel to her popular Our Invisible Supply: How to Obtain, Frances Larimer Warner expands on many of the. Our Invisible Supply by Frances Larimer Warner, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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What else could it do but act upon the statement? Don’t have a Kindle? Chapters on Menstruation and the diseases of women and children.

Let me tell you a little demon- strating I did the week I wrote you. OUR beautiful letter with the abun- dant proof of appreciation was duly received, and it has never been so hard for me to accept pur a thank offering. A night or two afterwards brought me a delicious treat of ice cream delivered at the door. Solana marked it onvisible to-read Oct 24, Have felt purely creative work was mine, something seemed to tell me so.

Change of Life is handled in a plain, common-sense style. Why may not men be edU” cated as husbands, women as wives and both as parents? No, the home will not be slower, but quicker to manifest because of your leaving all details to the Law.

One’s highest ideals may be so easily realized through the knowledge and right use of this wonderful law, that no one can afford tQ remain in ignorance of so great a boon. Your hair has expressed yoiu- thought of limit- ation and so has not grown abundantly.

Well, that is always the demand of spirit, and how httle we heed it until we get a biflf ssupply “knocks us sensible” and we are still because we have to be, then we begin to wonder if there is really not some other way out and we Our Invisible Supply find that there is and that we can be spared all future hard knocks, for, “Her sulply are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace” — [Prov.

Be sure my love and grateful thoughts will attend you, and your letter Larimre shall keep by me to read and reread and practice. I was without a home for years and earner the Law knows no great or small I decided that it could give me a home as easily as it could give me an ice cream larimmer. For your words are vital, and I cannot help feeling assured that I have now the clue, and 15 1 16 Our Invisible Supply it rests with me to overcome finally.


Any type of Customisation is possible.

Our Invisible Supply : How to Obtain

Now, if art is your desire, why don’t you begin right now to image yourself in your studio, either teaching a pupil or arranging your pictures or getting your “shingle” ready; think up what you are going to say on your studio sign, etc. You ask if it is necessary to see your home in detail. We started up the long steep cliff and had gone about thirty feet when I said, “Oh, Miss H, I just must run back and take one more look,” so I ran, half sliding, down incisible steep bank and straight out to the ocean where larimre great breaker had just deposited a pile of sea weed or kelp, How to Obtain 69 and there, right at my feet, all dewy and glisten- ing on the rock where it had just tumbled out of the wet sea-weed, was my beautiful shell.

Jesus said, ”All that the Father hath is mine,” and, “As I am, so are you” ; so, all that the Father hath is yours y and mine, and every one’s. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Refresh and try again. You know that money is only the symbol of wealth, and when we fear to use the sjrmbiffli, we close for the time all avenues for the inflow of the real substance of wealth ; but lrimer we use freely the symbol, we Our Invisible Supply also set free or flowing the real substance of supply.

If you need assistance with an order or the publishing process, warnfr contact our support team directly. You cannot expect a flow of oil or increase of meal until you begin to use; you cannot pour water from a pitcher until you take the pitcher in hand inbisible begin to pour. I wish to be contacted with the results of the investigation.


Satisfaction never has been and never will be realized through sense gratification alone. Well, my suppyl, let us go to the Source or creative Cause as a first step toward understand- ing our own creative power.

But I am sure that Miss Cady means that there must come a time when we must rely wholly upon the within for light and guidance. Ships with Tracking Number! The central real Self, One with all, is the dynamo; the middle or conscious plane is the directing power, and the outer plane may be compared to the wires and bulbs.

Is the law beginning to work a bit?

Our Invisible Supply by Warner, Frances Larimer

Then why are we so very loath inisible do so? To experience lack is a “denial of God,” as it is equivalent to saying, “here is a condition where Good is wwrner and very inconsistent with our aflSrmations of the “Onmipresence of God Good. Of course, do the work in hand while doing it, but at other times build your ideal in the astral world and it will take How to Obtain 49 form in the oiUer world. Paperbackpages. Just try for one week letting all of these worries alone and see if it is not in result like that of nature’s sweet restorer, sleep.

Our Invisible Supply: How to Obtain

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The wireless is wonderful but not so wonderful to the inventor who knows it through experi- mentinff and constant study into the elements that combine to express it.

I shall try to follow your directions during my hour’s ride to and from the city, and at all other times when I can happen to catch myself in the custom paths of limitation thought. We have left the realm of the natural and pinned all our faith to the ie9 1 Our Invisible Supply spiritual, and you can no more abide in both at once than the electrician can use the law govern- ing steam for his electrical francfs.