Dracula has 95 ratings and 7 reviews. Steven Dietz, . I had the good fortune of portraying Dr. Seward in a production of this script, and would love a crack at. The one-act play “Dracula” by Steven Dietz, based on Bram Stoker’s Maturo chose Dietz’s script, because his work seems to be “popping up”. Learn all about Dracula, a play written by Steven Dietz based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

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Unfortunately, Dietz never clearly establishes these rules.

Ascension Dracula III: Mixon never lets up with the crazed, wide-eyed mannerisms of his character, and the result is far more unsettling than many of the special effects designed to spook the audience. After Dracula’s death, anyone once infected with his form of Vampirism no longer feels the effects of the disease. Lists with This Book. I loved this play.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The non-Equity tour of the Tony-winning musical kicks off in Kentucky.

Rebecca Neuhedel rated it liked it Aug 04, Seward in a production of this script, and would love a crack at Renfield someday!

Flaccid script sucks life out of DRACULA | Utah Theatre Bloggers

Paperback89 pages. Current and Upcoming National Tours. Can’t wait drachla this performance. Stoker’s Novel Adapted3d ed. Dracula The Brides of Scriph Dracula: Van Helsing gives Lucy a blood-transfusion in order to keep the Vampiric attributes within her from taking over. Dracula feasts upon the blood of the living, except when he decides not to. Nicci Hartland rated it really liked it Nov 04, Please consider supporting us by whitelisting playbill.


Dracula by Steven Dietz

Katie Shuter Rompala rated it really liked it Jul 16, Hey twitter friends, are you following us on Instagram? A metaphor doesn’t turn into a bat and land on your bed. Dirtz, it is remarkable that Preston and the cast can make the script work as well as they do.

Preview — Dracula by Steven Dietz. The Empty Space hopes audiences won’t hide from this thriller, which will feature Carlo Scandiuzzi as the world’s most famous undead dude. Want to Read saving…. Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula.

The count kills Renfield for he had served his purpose and knocks Harker unconscious. Harrison rated it liked it Oct 07, Resurrection Dracula 2: Dracula Dracula II: Van Helsing and Seward leave to go find the madman, and Harker stays with Mina to complete the blood transfusion.

Dracula (Dietz)

The many hats of a horn-tooting interdisciplinary theatre artist in Nowhere is this mix more effective than when Dracula attacks Lucy and sucks her blood. As within Bram Stoker’s novel, Steven Dietz’ version of Dracula draws several interesting contrasts between the antagonist and drscula other characters of the plot specifically Van Helsing.

Books by Steven Dietz. Here’s hoping that I’ll be asked to play again: Van Helsing and the others must forever sctipt haunted by the knowledge that Vampires exist and must constantly be on guard against evil. Disturbed, he sends for his old professor, Abraham Van Helsing, who teaches philosophy and researches unexplainable and supernatural illnesses.


Mysterious, gloomy castles and open graves at midnight are just two of the Gothic devices used to chilling effect in this 19th-century horror classic that turned an obscure figure from Eastern European folklore into a towering icon of film and literature. Sarah rated it really liked it Sep 25, Preston in the role of Van Helsing.

Dracula runs at the Empty Space Theatre through Mar. I just performed in this beautifully written drama. Photo by Karl Hugh. Dietz emulates Stoker’s use of language, and incorporates fragments of Stoker’s original dialog, both in and out of its original context.

Aug 13, Frank Chadwick rated it it was amazing. David Rodriguez rated it it was amazing Aug 31, John Sewardsometimes serves as a composite character of three.

Pearl rated it really liked it Feb 21, At the beginning of the play, Count Dracula is very old and has little control over his body or his life.