Enrique Dussel and John Dewey share commitments to philosophical theory and practice aimed at addressing human problems, democratic. Keywords Enrique Dussel, John Dewey, Liberation Philosophy, Pragmatism, Latin American Philosophy, Democratic Theory 1 Alex Carta a los indignados . interest in Enrique Dussel’s work, to which this volume upsurge of , Dussel published Carta a los indignados, and he has recently finished a companion.

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The extension in space of the number of individuals who participate in an interest so that each has to refer his own action to that of others, and to consider the action of others to give point and direction to his own, is equivalent to the breaking down of those barriers of class, race, and national territory which kept men from perceiving the full import of their activity… They secure a liberation of powers which remain suppressed as long as the incitations to action are partial, as they enriquee be in a group which in its exclusiveness shuts out many interests.

Dewey sees systems of ethics as serving to control human nature and argues iindignados ethoi impose structures contrary to human nature as a means of securing oligarchic control 6. Alex Sager and Albert R. If you had a personal account on the old platform, click here. Edited by Jo Ann Boydston.

A central task for radical political philosophy is to participate in the quest for feasible institutions that fulfill the material needs of excluded people and give them a democratic role. Remember me on this computer. Sign in to annotate. Dewey shares similar commitments, placing faith in the experimental intelligence of ordinary people and the capacity of universal education to equip them with the tools to engage intelligently in politics.


MW 9, 94 Thus, for Dewey democracy is not merely a system of government, but a way of life that is continuous with education and lived experience.

Pragmatist philosophers — including Dewey and his heirs — have neglected the Global South and have been too sanguine about including marginalized groups in developed states, illegitimately narrowing the scope of who is included in democratic dialogue and the set of problems addressed.

Have an Access Token? Peirce and Hilary Putnam. Spencer, Portland State University Forthcoming in Contemporary Pragmatism liberation through a progressive understanding of a reality that needs to be transformed. There is no rupture of consciousness of being something different than Europe. Woodrow Wilson Center Press.

Carta a los indignados – Enrique D. Dussel – Google Books

These limitations are problematic according to the standards Dussel sets for himself. Pragmatism and the Philosophy of Liberation. Democracy and the public space in Latin America.

At the turn of the century, William James indignafos deliver his Gifford lectures as a New World interloper. Though it may be true that Dussel has not ready Dewey deeply or systematically, the question of why remains.

A carat related point is that Dussel and Dewey share a commitment to democracy as the fundamental method and mechanism for social progress. Peirce wrote little on ethics 1 Our interpretation of Dussel rests primarily on his work after the publication of Philosophy of Liberation in It provides the content for politics which exists for the promotion of life: These are implemented through systems of empirical institutions that are invented, tested, and corrected by humanity throughout the millennia in order to achieve a strong measure of approval by the citizenry Dussel Pragmatism and the Philosophy of Liberation.


Enrique Dussel

Twenty Theses on Politics. The Underside of Modernity.

Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. It is hard to see how these people and their interests and goals fit together. On his account, democracy A Pragmatic Method of Constructive Engagement. Translated by Myra Bergman Ramos. Some Consequences of Pragmatism for Democratic Theory.

Dussel and Dewey in Dialogue in Contemporary Pragmatism. This goal can be better indignadks an alliance with Deweyian pragmatism. Fung, Archon and Eric Olin Wright.

The Porto Alegre Experiment. At the material level, some people are hungry, at the formal level, they are voiceless, and at the level of feasibility, political institutions do not fulfill their role.

For Dussel, legitimacy has its basis in the people whose will is mediated by institutions. Woodrow Wilson Center Press. Twenty Theses on Politics. Barnes and Noble Inc. Nor is it obvious why liberation philosophy should not draw on Darwinianism and other well-established scientific theories where relevant.