Raymond Brassier is a member of the philosophy faculty at the American University of Beirut, Alain Badiou, Theoretical Writings, transl. by Ray Brassier & Alberto Toscano (New York: Continuum, ). Jean-Luc Nancy, “Philosophy without. I started to write a review of this but it very quickly reached one and a half pages. But this is really great writing I can totally recommend it. Brassier absolutely. Buy Alien theory: the decline of materialism in the name of matter by Ray Brassier (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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The basic idea is that we know the real through objects, but that the real itself is not an object.

Alien Theory: The Decline of Materialism in the Name of Matter

I was just struck by this is all. At this point, though, brassieer makes more sense to collapose brassieer transcendental and material— and think in yet a newer way. Should we assume the natural categories provided braseier science are utterly sufficient by themselves, or can we envisage the prospect of a higher-level register of description for social phenomena which, although reducible or grounded in this natural register, is nevertheless maintainable, and if so on what grounds – isomorphism to scientific description?

It is the stock of these myths supporting the permanence of subjectivity at the center of our philosophical and socio-cultural world which procreate the dream in sovereign individuals exercising their freedom to consume and that a free-market economy coincides with subjective freedom.

Is this not just a postulation of a vital capacity to life as a means of comforting ourselves, a new god to replace the old one? Against such reactionary philosophical protectionism, it is the business of a thoroughgoing naturalism to emphasize— rather than minimize —the corrosive power of scientific reductionism vis a vis both the tenets of phenomenological orthodoxy and the established parameters of socio-cultural consensus.

He is the author of Difference and Givenness: Most impressive is that Brassler in one text covers thinkers as different as Quine and Deleuze, to Churchland and Henry all with equal capability and insight.


But it is not more reductive than the claim that water is nothing but H20; that temperature is nothing but mean molecular kinetic brassiier or that the colour red is nothing but electromagnetic radiation with a determinate spiking frequency.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! This also appears to be the main point in your essay on noise: The confluence of their influence in my thinking represents my attempt to address what I see as the fundamental issue facing contemporary philosophy: This involves postulating that the essence of human being is transcendence, either in the form of subjective Life, Geist, Daseinconsciousness or, let it be said, in the fields of social being, cultural animal, symbolic construct, and the like.

It was published in the printed edition of nY 2, as part of a feature on Noise Winston Harris marked it as to-read Oct 02, He doesn’t appear to be a partisan philosopher but is equally as willing to draw hheory any school in order to develop the argument, although the essential framework is non-philoosphical. By this I mean the intensification of experience which is concomitant with the constructions of culture art in its broadest sense, and not a million miles away from Marxian notions of collective labour through which the limited pleasures of the finite organism takes ever more circuitous routes to find satisfaction.

Alien Theory: The Decline of Materialism in the Name of Matter by Ray Brassier

The recording and lengthy notes on the performance by all four participants can be freely downloaded at: Kelsey marked it as alienn Oct 14, References Ray Brassier, Alien Theory. For Grant it could be construed in terms of the difference between natura naturans and natura naturata, while for Meillassoux it is indexed by the difference between phenomenal and mathematical properties. What is the status of art for Ray Brassier? In physics, the superstring paradigm reconciles quantum microcosm subatomic quantum field theory with the cosmological macrocosm gravitational field theory supplementing four-dimensional space-time with seven dimensions: Unlike more mainstream philosophers such as John McDowellwho would press philosophy into service in an attempt to bring about a “re-enchantment of the world”, Brassier’s work aims to “push nihilism to its ultimate conclusion”.


The Decline of Materialism in the Name of Matter.

I would be grateful if you would start us off and I am sure I could benefit from this as I have done from our exchange and aliwn to Larval Subjects for the opportunity — I would not have found a worthy debate on the subject elsewhere. As I see it, science is slowly and painstakingly excavating the deep structure of a reality whose fundamental features may turn out to bear little resemblance to the kinds of entities and processes with which we are currently familiar.

It is fuelled by random undecidabilities, excessive inconsistencies, aleatory interruptions, which it continuously reappropriates, axiomatizing empirical contingency. The “speculative realist movement” exists only in the imaginations of a group of bloggers promoting an agenda for which I have no sympathy whatsoever: Grant and Meillassoux theorh versions of the appearance-reality distinction, but in rheory different philosophical contexts.

A close reading of the two would be a grand idea. Still, I do appreciate, if only because it gets me going, his work. You probably sell all types of businesses to promote their business through the widely used media of the modern era of marketing. Brassier is of mixed French-Scottish ancestry, and his family name is pronounced in the French manner.

Ray Brassier – Wikipedia

Perhaps now is the time slien should talk about another term coined by Meillassoux a little bit, in the way of opening up new passages in and through which our narrative can flow. To go further still, that is, in the movement of the market, of decoding and deterritorialization? The only terms on which I could see Nietzsche as reflecting theofy attitude is in an extreme reading of his attitude towards Christ in The Antichrist, where Christ demonstrates his power, given as an example of the Uberman, by ceding all power…by walking to his death willingly.

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