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Buy ASTM D() Standard Test Method for Determination of Iodine Number of Activated Carbon from SAI Global. ASTM Designation: D Standard Test Method for. Determination of Iodine Number of Activated Carbon. 1. Scope. This test method covers the. Standard. Standard number, ASTM-D ; ASTM-D Title, Standard Test Method for Determination of Iodine Number of Activated.

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Enhancement of dyes adsorption efficiency on activated carbon from paper pulp sludge by chitosan coat and aeration [dissertation].

This standard is also f4607-94 to be included in Standards Subscriptions. A solid exhibiting favourable adsorption isotherm as well as faster kinetics is supposed to be a good adsorbent. Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts.

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The effect of carbon dioxide CO 2 on global warming is serious problem. Content only available by subscription. Each filtrate was swirled and 50 cm 3 of it pipetted into a clean cm 3 Erlenmeyer flask. Subscription pricing is determined by: Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping.

Effect of phosphoric acid impregnation ratio on evolution of micropores in active carbons from bagasse, sorghum and millet straws. Preparation and characterization of novel CO 2 molecular basket adsorbents based on polymer-modified mesoporous molecular sieve MCM Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors.

The active carbons from the various cellulosic precursors had d4607–94 capacities to adsorb iodine and methylene blue. Proximate and ultimate analyses of bagasse, sorghum and millet straws as precursors for active carbons.

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The adsorptive capacities of the active carbons for large molecular weight satm such as methylene blue wereand mg g -1 for bagasse, sorghum and millet straws, respectively. Xstm Adsorption American standard test method ASTM D, for determination of iodine number of activated carbon was used to assess the porosity of the active carbons prepared.

Vacuum pyrolysis of sugarcane bagasse.

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The amount of iodine adsorbed mg g -1 carbon at a residual iodine concentration of 0. By joining you are opting axtm to receive e-mail.

Test Methods for Activated Carbon. For the applications involving removal of colour, taste, odour and toxicants from aqueous matrices, adsorption capacity of active carbon may be determined by aqueous phase isotherm technique ASTM D, Removal of heavy metals from aqueous solution by adsorption onto chemically modified pumpkin Telfairia occidentalis Hook seed husk.

Journal of Environmental Science and Technology Volume 1 3: It is suitable material for CO 2 adsorption because of its simple availability, many specific surface area, and low-cost material. Specific hazard statements are given in Section 7. Awtm of residual filtrate C expressed in normal N was calculated as follows:. The major objective of this study was to investigate the adsorption characteristics of active carbons prepared by pyrolysis of bagasse, sorghum and millet straws in ortho phosphoric acid.

We have no amendments or corrections for this standard.

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The measurement of specific surface area, pore volume, and pore size were determined by nitrogen adsorption-desorption d4607-944 at 77 K with discontinuous volumetric apparatus Quantachrome AUTOSORB 1 [ 6 ]. The adsorptive zstm of the granular active carbons from bagasse, sorghum and millet straws, for large molecular weight compounds such as methylene blue, wereand mg g -1respectively.


The adsorption with solid sorbents is one of the most appropriate options. The yields of active carbons indicate that the temperature domain in which carbonization occurs depends on the interaction between the furnace residence condition and chemical activation.

Close this window and log in. You can download and open this file to your own computer but DRM prevents opening this file on another computer, including a networked server. Similar effect of adsorption contact time and initial adsorbate concentration was earlier reported for indigo carmine removal by activated carbons from Terminalia catappa and Cinnarium schweinfurthi nut shell Ochonogor, Two qubic centimeter of freshly prepared starch indicator solution was added and the titration continued with sodium thiosulphate until one drop produced a colourless solution.

The milled bagasse and straw samples were sieved into particle size with Endecotts laboratory test sieve on Omron No. Conclusion, the results show that impregnation with chitosan that increases the specific surface d407-94 and pore volume because film layer of chitosan which coat surface area on GAC [ 8 ]. The Fastest equilibrium was attained in 25 min with the optimum initial adsorbate load of 0. Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

The measurement of iodine number corresponding to procedure established by the standard method ASTM D [ 5 ]. Pyrolysis and Activation Dry straws of sorghum and millet were collected after harvest, from Rigasa farm center non industrial area in Kaduna state Northern Nigeriain March Results and Discussion 3.