Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of. The ADC, ADC, ADC, ADC and. ADC are CMOS 8-bit successive approximation A/D converters that use a differential potentiometric. The ADC family is a series of three CMOS 8-bit successive .. the NE data sheet for a complete description of the operation of.

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All logic signal wires and leads should. The source resistance for these. Easy Interface to Most Microprocessors. In this application, the CS input is grounded and the WR. A test for proper grounding is to measure the zero. Basically, the capacitive loading of the. Maximum Storage Temperature Range. Three-State Control Delay from Rising.

Access Time Delay from Falling Edge of. Data BuffersI LO. Adjustment with the source resistance and input bypass. ADC also has an inbuilt clock which can be used in absence of external clock. F bypass capacitor at the inputs.


The full 8 bits dataxheet resolution are. Notes 2, 8 Continued. The maximum error voltage due to this slight. An inverting buffer then supplies. The digital outputs vary from 0 to a maximum of When data is to be read, the combination of both CS and RD.

ADC Datasheet | ADC Pin Diagram & Description

Be careful, during testing. Analog inverting Input; normally ground. The allowed range of analog input voltage usually places.

Clock Input pin; to give external clock. The input capacitor is switched between. Here the specification guarantees. There are many degrees of complexity associated with testing.

These digital signals are used for further processing by the digital processors.

Skip to main content. Adc0830 converter is started by having CS and WR simultaneously. After the requisite number of clock pulses to. Both are ground referenced. Driving the Data Bus.

ADC Technical Data

The normal operation proceeds as follows. Therefore, bypass capacitors should not be used at. In addition, the voltage reference input can be. Will Operate in a “Stand Alone” Mode. It is a single channel IC, i.


National Semiconductor

Two on-chip diodes are tied to each analog input see Block Diagram which will. The voltage on the on-chip.

The Output Enable function is. Analog to digital acc0803 find huge application as an intermediate device to convert the signals from analog to digital form.

The converter can be operated in a pseudo-ratiometric mode. Each tread the range. Maximum Lead Temperature Soldering, 10s. This is also useful in 4mA. When DFF2 is subsequently.

With an asynchronous start pulse, up to 8 clock periods may be required before the internal clock phases are proper to start the conversion process. Analog Input Voltage Range. As soon as this “1” is output from the shift register, the.

RC active low-pass filter. Wiring and Hook-Up Precautions. Clock Periods per Conversion Note 5 .