Find replacement and service parts catalogs online for the Polaris RZR, Sportsman, ACE, GENERAL and RANGER by model and year. This service manual is designed primarily for use by certified Polaris Master Service Comments or suggestions about this manual may be directed to: Service. This is the Highly Detailed factory service repair manual for the POLARIS RANGER RZR S , this Service Manual has detailed.

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Examine A-arm and bearing polars bushings pilaris pivot 37 ft. Valve Seat Reconditioning Apply cutting oil to valve seat and cutter. Replace clutch assembly if worn or damaged. Finger tighten all components until cab frame is completely assembled on vehicle, then tighten to specifications listed. Shift weights should not be changed or altered without first having a thorough understanding of their positioning and the effects they may have on belt to sheave clearance, clutch balance and shifting pattern.

Install a new or clean pre-filter over the main air filter NOTE: Page 12 or who cannot comfortably reach the floor and hand holds. Replace fuel line every two years. Remove the lower snap ring from under the gear.


Polaris RZR 800 Owner’s Manual

Trip Meter Mode The trip meter records the distance traveled by the vehicle if reset before each trip. Cover Bushing Removal Install main adapter Item 8 on puller.

Lift one edge of boot to let out excess air.

In order to avoid serious burns, wear insulated gloves during the Item Qty. Check brake system for fluid leaks. Face the A-arm end flat on top of the driver.

RZR Service Manual | eBay

If you purchase amnual a private party: Gearcase Removal Drain the fluid from the rear gearcase. Pad Removal Elevate and support front of vehicle. A passenger must always be seated in the passenger seat with seat belt secured. Place the transmission shift housing onto a flat surface as Remove the valve lifters by reaching into the crankcase and pushing the lifter up through the lifter bore by hand. When reinstalling the battery, always connect the negative black cable last.

Distance between center of crankshaft and center of driven clutch shaft. Place the vehicle in neutral and set the parking brake. Inspect the shaft bearing. This manual also for: The brake light should come on after about 10 mm 0. When reinstalling the transmission to rear gearcase mount bracket, it is extremely important Remove to torque all 7 fasteners to specification.

Owner’s Manuals | Polaris RANGER

This will ensure proper sealing when Flywheel Nut Torque installing bolts. Remove the clutch yoke from the gear majual shaft and Certain products, including insect repellents and chemicals, will damage the speedometer lens and other plastic surfaces.


Never remove the hook strap from the hook. Inspect both sheaves for signs of wear, grooving or is worn or damaged. Set the selector dial to measure AC Voltage. The throttle plate should seal off throttle NOTE: Clean the cylinder after honing polariw honing is not advised for nicasil cylinders. Use this removal procedure only when replacing the ball joint.

Always perform the pre-ride inspection before each use of your vehicle to make sure it’s in safe operating condition. Never open the throttle suddenly. The clip could fall into the engine cleaner to remove the marks previously made on the rotors.

Removal of the transmission is not possible without removing the engine and differential. Ezr follow all winch instructions and warnings in this manual.